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Posted by on Feb 6, 2015 in Blog |

Windows 10 and more

Windows 10 and more

Windows 10


Windows 10 and more

First of all Microsoft has announced the end of retail sales of win7 and 8  but not 8.1 the present stocks in shops and with suppliers of computers will not be replaced, windows 7 is an excellent system (comparable to xp) windows 8 has been a bit of a nightmare for Microsoft universally disliked   by users, the only thing I can think of for this action is to boost sales of win 10 when it is released in summer 2015 as all new computers will come with it preinstalled.

Having had a good look at windows 10  I can say it is a lot better than 8/8.1 but in my opinion not as good as 7 (I am not a fan of tiles) but on a tablet or phone it will be good  as they are touch screen, but in a work place environment I still prefer the win 7 /xp approach (but that’s just me). It has been reported that a new web browser (code name Spartan) will be launched with 10 and apparently IE will still be available.

Over the past few weeks we have seen numerous hacks of large company’s data, DoS attacks or denial of service are designed to swamp a server causing it to crash these are usually done by robots, where someone or group has control of individuals computers and launches email or tries to access a web site causing it to crash so the business cannot trade.

A brute force attack is where they try to gain access to a server by using passwords or other methods these are usually to gain information (accounts ,password and other data) which could be of benefit to them. Both of these attacks can be devastating to a business or individual so I’ll go through the things to do.

  • 1 passwords should be complex (not birthdays ,names, pets etc)
  • 2 change them on a regular basis
  • 3 us the on screen keyboard for banking details (it can beat keyloggers)
  • 4 keep antivirus programs upto date and do a full manual scan often (even if it does it automatically)
  • 5 be wary of emails with attachments
  • 6 and a very important thing BACKUP your DATA
  • 7 if you share a computer use different accounts with different passwords, never save a password on a shared computer

I know I keep bringing this up but better to be safe than sorry so have a safe 2015

Colin Hibbert



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