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Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Tech, Training |

Using Your Free Webinar Recording Wisely

Using Your Free Webinar Recording Wisely

So you’ve been running webinars, maybe as a way to grow your list, or just to raise your profile.

Whether or not your webinar produced the results you had hoped for, you can still put the recording to good use.

I’m going to quickly cover several ways you can do this, continue reading and then put what you learn into use.

Create a Paid Course

To do this you offer your webinar as part of a course. You may want to add a transcript of the course, or add things like checklists, articles and more to it. Once you have it packaged you now have a brand new course that you can sell and promote on your website.

Don’t forget that you can easily save your webinar recording onto a DVD and sell it as a physical product. The transcribed version can be turned into a PDF file so now you have an audio and a text version.

To add even more value to your course, you might want to add some extra bonus information that wasn’t covered in the free webinar. This will help to give those that didn’t buy and incentive to do so now.

Sell More of Your Own Products

If you position your free webinar correctly it can help you sell more of your other products and courses. For example, if you sell reports on your website, your free webinar should talk about creating reports, how to use them and more. Then at the end of your free webinar you highlight some of your products as examples.

Once the webinar is rendered and saved as a video, you now have a great promotional tool to use. You can mail out the link to your video to your list, embed the video on your website and on your social pages. All of these things can help create more interest and sales of your products.

Sell Products as an Affiliate

Let’s say you run a tutorial type of webinar but you don’t have any of your own products to sell yet. You can easily make money by promoting products as an affiliate. This method works really well and can really increase your earnings.

Once you have the recorded version of your video you mail it out to your list, and recommend tools and services that will help them achieve what you did in your webinar.

For example if you promote an ecover software, your webinar would show how to use this product to your audience. This creates interest amongst your audience and when you send out the recording with where to buy this product send our your affiliate link and you should see an increase in your commissions.

So don’t let that webinar recording sit any longer on your hard drive. Package it up and start using it wisely.

If you’re not sure how to create digital products head over to for more information

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