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Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Blog |

Save Women’s Lives Now from Sunderland City Council Cuts

Save Women’s Lives Now from Sunderland City Council Cuts

Women’s and children’s lives are being placed at increased risk as a result of confirmed Sunderland City Cuts.

Sunderland City Council have confirmed they will no longer fund domestic violence refuges and other specialist services in Sunderland from the Housing Related Budget from 2017.

Despite the Home Office reducing the Housing Related Budget to Local Authorities by 3% over five years, WWIN, a specialist women’s service charity have suffered 33% cuts to commissioned services and now face a 100% cut.

Sunderland City Council within their own recently published consultation literature identify, “… a potential reduction in support staff may have a negative impact on victims of domestic abuse.”

In short, Sunderland City Council are moving away from Home Office guidance on the provision of statutory interim housing and support to women and children who are made homeless as a result of Domestic Violence and are knowingly increasing RISK to an already vulnerable group.

If the refuges close and specialist support withdrawn then women and children in Sunderland will die.

Please sign the petition to show your support for the critical service Wearside Women in Need deliver and have delivered in Sunderland over four decades.


Sign the petition here

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