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Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Blog, Lifestyle, Therapists |

Durham Family Chiropractic

Durham Family Chiropractic

We are a family orientated chiropractic office dedicated to correcting and preserving the function of your body – getting you well and keeping you well. We support and encourage our patients to participate in all phases of their care. Throughout Chiropractic’s 115 years it has helped millions of people to regain their health naturally. It is an expanding profession that is continuing to produce some very exciting research world wide.

We identify and correct disorders of the spine. This optimises the biomechanics of the spine and permits improved health, and prevention of diseases such as arthritis, through natural interventions including nutrition, exercise and stress management. Our treatment corrects the whole of the body, (not just one part). The body is  similar to a chain on a bicycle. If there is one weak link the whole chain won’t work properly. Common symptoms that people suffer from are lower back pain, neck/shoulder pain, hip/knee/joint pain, sciatica, poor posture, arthritis, headaches and many other conditions. We help to relieve the pain, find and correct the underlying problem thus improving the function and mobility of the body. Most people come to us because of some kind of pain or discomfort in their body. Occasionally it will be because of a postural or alignment concern, and some people simply want to remain healthy and fit.

As long as there is not something sinister underlying your condition (cancer, fracture or infection etc.) we can help. We will rule these out before we begin our care and sometimes x-rays and additional exams are needed to do this.

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